Welcome to HPDIC Lab

The High-Performance & Data-Intensive Computing (HPDIC) research lab conducts research on High-Performance Computing, Data Management Systems, and Machine Intelligence. The Lab regularly publishes research findings at prestigious venues, such as AAAI, VLDB, SC, PPoPP, TPDS, and TPAMI.

  • 2020
    • [Feb.] Fine-Grained I/O Tracker (a.k.a. Reflector) accepted by PPoPP'20, San Diego, California.
    • [Feb.] Parallel Deep Learning (oral presentation) accepted by AAAI'20, New York, NY.
    • [Jan.] Cross-Blockchain Transactions accepted by CIDR'20, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 2019
  • 2018
    • [Dec.] In-Memory Blockchain accepted by IEEE BigData'18, Seattle, Washington.
    • [Aug.] Energy-Efficient Edge Computing Protocol accepted by ICPP'18, Eugene, Oregon.
    • [July] Prof. Zhao served on an NSF grant proposal panel, Washington, DC.
    • [July] Symbiosis RAM won Best Student Paper Award at CLOUD'18, San Francisco, California.
    • [May] Prof. Zhao served on a DOE grant proposal panel, Washington, DC.
    • [May] Prof. Zhao joined UC Davis as an Adjunct Professor.
    • [Jan.] Performant Docker Scheduling accepted by IEEE Trans. on Cloud Computing.
  • 2017
    • [Sept.] Prof. Zhao received Microsoft Azure research grant.
    • [Aug.] Scientific Big-Data System Benchmarking accepted by VLDB'17, Munich, Germany.
    • [June] Prof. Zhao received Amazon Web Services research grant.
    • [Mar.] Distributed Scientific Metadata accepted by IEEE Trans. on Big Data.
    • [Feb.] Prof. Zhao founded HPDIC Lab at University of Nevada, Reno.
    • [Jan.] Prof. Zhao completed postdoctoral fellowship at University of Washington, Seattle.